Updates are disabled by the administrator Google Chrome

“Updates are disabled by the administrator” showing this while I am going to update my google chrome to it’s latest version. Here is the tips that how to enable update of google chrome? Just follow the below step.

For windows: (Note: There are no regedit in mac OS but you can find all of the application and setting going to “Library/Preferences)

  1.  Click on to start menu button or click Ctrl+R from keyboard.
  2.  Type in the run command box “regedit” without quote.
  3.  Click ok or hit enter from keyboard.
  4.  In registry editor go to ”
    3. Policies
    4. Google
    5. Update
  5.  Now at the right side double click onto “UpdateDefauld” and set the value from 0 to 1

And again click on the icon and click about google chrome and you are done. For more info please see the below images.


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