The Page is Missing Meta Language Information in Bing SEO Analyzer!

Before I discus Missing Meta Language Information, you may want to know that what is meta language!

In programming, a meta language is a language used to make statements about statements in another language (the object language). In general, informally, a metalanguage is a language used to talk about a language, possibly to specify it or to study its properties.

The Page Missing Meta Language Information

 Missing Meta Language Information

Missing Meta Language Information : If you want to know about meta language in details please visit wiki The Page is Missing Meta Language. I recently register new site Jackets For Womens . And I found in bing SEO analyzer it show the error “The Page is Missing Meta Language Information”. I research in the web and found many solution. But I finally figure my site for English Language by adding the following code to the header.php before closing </head> and it is working fine.

<meta http-equiv=”content-language” content=”en-gb”>

There are other solution add in starting <html> attribute like <html lang=”en”> I did not applied it. You may try this. If work for you please do not hesitate to drop a comment with the solution.

If want to know about Language Codes visit this site.

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