Paragraph A Computer

Use the following cues to write paragraph A Computer

paragraph A Computer

a)      What is a computer? Why is it called the ‘electric brain’? And how does it work?

b)      What are the major parts of a computer? And what are these?

c)      How can a computer used? How can all complicated tasks to be done in a very short time?

d)      What is the internet? What is the importance?

e)      What are the demerits of computer? And how?

Computer is one of the greatest invention of modern science. It is a device that works like a human brain. That is why, it is called the ‘electric brain’. It stores information, analyses it and produces information as required from the data. There are five major components in a computer. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit. A computer can be opened, operated and shut down with the help of a mouse. All complicated tasks can be done easily in a very short time with the help of a computer. The internet is a computer-based communication system. The internet has become very popular worldwide as it provides information, communication and recreation instantly. Computer is immensely beneficial though it has some demerits too. It becomes an addiction to some users. Many prefer spending more time with a computer to doing outdoor activities. But in the age of globalization we cannot do without a computer.

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