Lakho konthe sonar Bangla

Most people singing a national/regional anthem simultaneously

For the record 

  • Who: Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh
  • What: Most people singing a national/regional anthem simultaneously
  • Where: Bangladesh

bangladesh world record anthem singing collage guinness world recordsThe most people singing a national anthem simultaneously is 254,537 and was achieved by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh (Bangladesh) at the National Parade Ground in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 26 March 2014.

For more information anc current records you can see source article guinnessworldrecords

(Update post on 13 Apr 2014)

Make world record by sing national anthem of Bangladesh (Lakho konthe sonar Bangla) on 26 Mar 2014 at 11:00 AM Bangladesh Local time But the you are requested to enter start from 06:30 AM Local time Bangladesh.  Do not miss be a part of World Record all you are invited if your age above 13 years.

There are arrangement for 3 lac participants who will sing national anthem of Bangladesh and well organized by a group of armed personnel. You can get help from a uniform personnel named Block Manager. You are requested to help Block Manager by abiding Block Manager’s guide/advice.

Lakho konthe sonar BanglaThe parade square are divided into 15 Sector and each sector has 400 blocks and each block will contain 50 people. So each sector will hold 400×50=20,000 . So total 15×20,000=3,00,000 people can be arrange in the parade square.


Medical/Toilet facility available in each sector at the east side of the parade ground. You are requested to get Medical and toilet facilities by asking your Block Manager (Each block supervision under a uniform person who will help you if you need assistance). After avail those facilities you are requested to come back to your respected block again.

Also you are requested to remain with your respected block. We all must sing the whole national anthem of Bangladesh otherwise we will not able to gain the record. Your kindness and help run the program with success and Bangladesh gain World Record.

What can you can do and bring and what are prohibited.

Where and how you can enter into the venue.

Watch and listen national anthem of Bangladesh

Download the pdf of national anthem of Bangladesh in Bengali and English version. You can download audio for the national anthem and load it into your mobile devices.

For more information in Bangla you can visit the site Lakho konthe sonar Bangla

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