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However I am a developer and I converted one of my client’s WordPress Site to HTML Site. The site is hosted with godaddy. I used a php mail handler but not work. I searches in the web and found not much about it. Finally I found a way to use their default webformmailer gdform.php which you can find in your root cgi.bin folder. I use the gdform.php in the form action and method set to post. The form now start sending email but another problem is created that the form input validation. I again search in the web and found not much about this issue but this is not true. I finally get something which I will share with you. May be it will help you figuring html or php (your own) custom form bulding with godaddy. You just need to put the required input field inside required=”required”

Sample form Code bellow:

<form method=”post” name=”contactform” action=”/gdform.php”>

<p>First Name (required)<br />
<span class=”firstname”><input type=”text” required=”required” name=”FirstName” value=”” size=”40″ class=”fname” /></span>




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