Child Theme why and how?

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Child theme is the best option to edit your website instead of editing the theme core file. You may think why? Because you are doing a fantastic changed to your site by editing the core theme file but when you update the theme all of your hard working changes will disappear. So if you use a child theme and edit a lot will never loose anything and never break up your site. This process will keep intact your site.


What is the requirements for creating a child theme?

Nothing but only one single file that is style.css just add the code to your child theme style.css

Theme Name: Beautypress Child
Support URI:
Description: Beautipress Child Theme.
Author: Masud
Author URI:
Version: 0.1
Tags: beautipress child
Template: beautypress
@import url(“../beautypress/style.css”);

And just replace the beautypress with your main theme name. Say you want create a child theme for twentythirteen now put twentythirteen instead of beautypress to the style.css of your child theme. That’s all and you can install the child theme in both way using ftp just upload the child theme folder

How to rename your child theme?

For renaming the child theme use the main theme name-child is the best practice i.e. twentythirteen-child.

How to install from the admin dashboard?

You need to create a zip file using winrar or something else. Then go to the appearance and theme then click install >upload browse and select the zip folder of your child theme finally click install. After installed click activate. Now you are ready to edit your theme create file with the same name of your child theme but not add all the code to it just put whichever you want to edit. Enjoy….

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