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Falkland Arthur Lake North

Falkland Arthur Lake North is a free recreation site. The recreation site has 3 campsites. This site is access via Road. The facilities are Boat Launch, Tables and Toilets. Description: Falkland Arthur Lake North is a treed site. This recreation site is goog for fishing. It has a rough cartop boat launch. Direction: From Falkland, British […]

My Aim in Life

A proverb goes that a man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Similarly a man without an aim can not reach his goal. He stumbles (হোঁচট খায়) in his way of life. So, every man should have a definite aim. Different persons have different aims. Some want to be a doctor, […]

Campbell River Apple Point

Campbell River Apple Point is a free recreation site. It has 5 (Five) campsites. You can go there via Road and can enjoy camping. Facilities are Boat Launch, Tables and Toilets. Description: The recreation site is an open grassy area overlooking Brewster Lake. This site has a narrow and vertical gravel boat launch. This site […]

Write Paragraph of Food Habit

Food Habit Good health means the state of being health, both mentally and physically. Health is the root off all happiness. We should eat the right kinds of food in order to keep in good health. Good food is essential for good health. Good food means a balanced diet which contains carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin, […]

Write Paragraph Leisure time

Leisure time: Leisure means free time with no particular activities. People usually spend their leisure doing recreational actives. But these actives vary from person to person, society to society and country to country. The village people spend their leisure by gossiping, swimming, fishing etc. But city people spend their leisure read books, visit places, play […]

Write Paragraph The Olympic Games

The Paragraph Olympic Games The Olympic Games is the biggest sports competition of the world. More than 200 nations participate in it. It occurs every four years. The tradition of the Olympic Games comes from Greece. The Greeks first held it at the foot of the Mount Olympus. That was almost 3000 years ago. Barron […]

Write Paragraph A Firefighter

Firefighter: A man or woman who fight against the fire and put out them. We called him or her firefighter. A fireman and firewoman is a familiar figure of our towns and cities. Raja is a firefighter. After finishing H.S.C he joined Bangladesh Fire Brigades as a volunteer fighter. After his training period he becomes […]

Write Paragraph My Evening Activities

My evening activities : Evening activities are a part of routine work. After returning home from playground, I wash my hands, face and feet as per Muslim rules. Then I pray Maghrib prayer and take some rest. As a student, I enter into my reading room. I do my homework. I usually prepare my lessons […]

Brookmere Andy’s Lake Shelter

Brookmere Andy’s Lake Shelter is a free and maintained recreation site. The site is access via Trail. It has 0 campsite. The facility is Toilets.  You can go there and enjoy fishing and snowmobiling. Site Operated by Merritt Snowmobile Club. Description: This is popular site and it is 3 sided snowmobiling shelter. The shelter located on […]

Write Paragraph A Language Club

Write a Paragraph A Language Club A Language Club is a place, where different languages are taught, especially foreign languages. We have a language club in our locality. It is located near our school play ground. We usually go there for practicing English. It helps people to learn different languages. It helps us to communicate […]

Write Composition Wonders of Modern Science

Write Composition Wonders of Modern Science Or, The blessing of Modern Science. Or, Science in Every Life. We live in an age of science. We can see the wonders of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We can not think of our modern life without science. The first wonder of […]