Add keywords into title and meta description

Keyword-Rich URL: Add keywords

Once you have identified all keywords you need to make your website more visible, the next step for you then is how to use them effectively. It is important to name your website using the keyword or to choose a good domain name that contains that keyword. For example, using a domain that targets the products or services that you intend to promote or sell can be a great idea. Then, incorporate it with the top keyword you found on your research and create your domain name. This way, you rank higher in search engines and you also make it easier for people to remember your website.

Keyword-Rich Title and Meta Description: Add keywords

The title and meta-description of your website should also contain the top keyword you found on your research. Though this does not really affect your search engine result ranking, it can be helpful to add the keywords to the title and meta-description to make it easier for visitors to find value in your website. Once they see that the title and the meta-description contains the keyword they are looking for, they will immediately click on it and visit your website. Try as best as you can to add much of the keywords in the meta-description.

These SEO tips can help you develop your website to make it easier for visitors to find it and actually find value in it. Remember that the keywords you use in your website will greatly affect your traffic and ranking so use them effectively and wisely.

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